Our servicemen are completely specialized in their fields, making them experts in whatever appliance you may need fixed. If your washer is broken, Tarzana Appliance Repair, Inc. will send one of our specialized washer technicians to fix your problem. If your freezer is broken, we have specialized technicians for that as well-all in an effort to make sure you get the best value possible and the best job done.

Eventually any appliance in your home is bound to break at some point. Now a day the life span of the average home appliance is much more limited than they used to be. This is due to companies trying to maximize their profits-while sacrificing quality along the way. This may seem less likely to happen if you have a higher end appliance, but rest assured it will need servicing sooner or later. When your refrigerator or freezer breaks and you want to save the food inside, call Tarzana Appliance Repair, Inc. right away so we can come and fix your appliances to make sure you don’t spend anymore money than you have to. Our appliance service technicians can install, repair and service almost any household or kitchen appliance-including waste disposal units or waste compactors.

Tarzana Appliance Repair, Inc. technicians typically disassemble appliances and look inside for signs of wear and tear or other internal interruptions. Once the root of the problem is identified, your technician will give you a timely quote on estimated labor and part costs for the repairs. After you’ve approved the work to begin repair can start and your technician will replace parts like motors, switches, heating elements or whatever replacement part your appliance requires. After the job is done your technician will clean up the appliance, align and lubricate the parts where necessary and you’ll have a fully functional appliance again.